Rates and reservations

With one full season of Airbnb reservations a large number of reviews are available there and they have been very positive. We would like to encourage folks to stay several nights and take advantage ot the tourism opportunities especially in the Points East region.

Suites 2, 3 and 4 are finished and licensed by Tourism PEI, and available. They are for rent for as little as one night, but due to the one-time cleaning fee, the daily rate gets better as more nights are added to the stay.  Suites 3 and 4 have been finished for about a year and provide two bedrooms as well as full kitchen, living/dining area, and full bathroom. Suite 2 (one bedroom, second floor) is newly finished and approved. Suite 1, the largest 2-bedroom unit, should be available in 2018 after it passes tourism inspection.

Our adjusted rates for the three finished suites range from $135 for one night down to about $90 (1 bedroom). The remaining, somewhat larger suite will run somewhat more. Full-week rates add up to about $650 down to $450. The actual rates are listed on the airbnb calendar for each unit, so check there (see below) to make your booking.

We are happy to entertain questions via email (use the contact form under HOSTS) or telephone (902 962-3335). To avoid overlap and allow the use of credit cards, we ask that you make all reservations for specific suites through airbnb by clicking below:

Unit 1: Evening Overlook (not available before mid summer 2017)

Unit 2: Sunset Solitude

Unit 3: Handy Retreat

Unit 4: Morning Overlook