Located on the South-East end of Prince Edward Island, Canada, right on the Trans-Canada Highway, about 2 miles west of the Wood Islands Ferry Terminal are four Summer-rental suites set up for housekeeping. Brookside is the name given these suites because they back very closely on a small brook that makes about a 3-mile run from its spring-fed source down to the sea just west of the Ferry Terminal. It includes two wheelchair-usable bridges across the stream as well as a grassy walking-trail loop with wheelchair-negotiable slopes and widths. The brook is quite safe, albeit cold, with depths of about 6 inches to 18 inches in one or two deeper spots.

The four suites have recently acquired names, but can still be referred to as 1, 2, 3, and 4. The new names are: Suite 1) Evening Overlook, Suite 2) Sunset Solitude, Suite 3) Handy Retreat, and Suite 4) Morning Overlook. Their distinctives are discussed individually with many pictures as four separate sections below, but all share the following features:

Each has a full kitchen and private bath. The three ground-floor suites are each fully handicapped-accessible (described in detail under another menu choice) and have two separate bedrooms, each with a single queen-sized bed with excellent reading light, dresser, and clothes rod. The one second-floor suite has a roomy single bedroom, also with a single queen-sized bed. In most suites additional sleeping accommodations for families can be arranged in the living area. Linens including towels, sheets, and kitchen towels are provided on a weekly basis (or as needed by special request).  Separate from the bedroom(s), each suite has a living/dining area with a couch and overstuffed chair, and a dining table with at least four chairs. Each suite has a private deck with two outdoor chairs and a propane BBQ grill. Each brightly-lit kitchen has a sink with a dish drainer, dish towels, and dish detergent, a supply of dishes, silverware, pots, pans, and cleaning supplies. Each includes a full-sized refrigerator/freezer, a full-sized electric range, and a microwave oven.

1) Evening Overlook

Reached through a patio door of this suite’s living area is a south-side deck which overlooks the stream. From there you can hear, especially in the quiet of the night, the incessant babbling of the brook right outside. This suite is about 800 sq. ft. Especially suitable as a gathering place for larger groups using more than one suite, or for slightly larger groups using the couches/futon for overflow sleeping,  it has a big living/dining area with the patio door to the south and windows to the west which catch the sun both during the day and into the evening. It has a large galley kitchen, two large bedrooms, and a roll-in shower in the bathroom. It is fully handicapped-accessible. [as of February 2018 the suite still needs painting and trim, kitchen cabinet installation, and curtains. It should be licensed and available by June of 2018]

2) Sunset Solitude

This second-floor suite features a large living/dining/kitchen area.

It has a cantilevered deck outside a west-facing patio door which catches the afternoon and evening sunlight.

From the deck you can look out over the stream and listen to it babbling into the quiet of the evening.

It includes a single, large, north-facing bedroom as well as a full bathroom including a tub/shower. This 480 sq. ft. suite is the only one on the second-floor (and therefore not wheelchair accessible).

3) Handy Retreat

This suite has a large patio/deck on the north-east corner, very handy to the east-side parking area.

The living/dining area has a large east-facing picture window that lets the morning sun flood in. There are north- facing and east-facing bedrooms, a full kitchen, and a large bathroom. The ramp arrangement makes it the most accessible suite, and the north-facing feature provides the excitement of watching the passing vehicles rushing by in bursts right after the Wood Islands Ferry arrives.

This fully handicapped accessible, 528 sq. ft. suite is finished, licensed by Tourism PEI, rated three stars by Canada Select, and available throughout the season.

4) Morning Overlook

This 528 sq. ft. suite has a patio/deck on the south, overlooking the stream. You can sit on the deck and listen to the sound of the brook just behind the suite. There are an east-facing door-light and a window that bring in the morning sun to the a living/dining area.


Unit 4 living area

The full kitchen has very bright fluorescent lighting but also gets light from the living area. The suite has an east-facing and a south-facing bedroom.

The large bathroom is fully handicapped accessible. The 528 sq. ft suite is  licensed by Tourism PEI, rated three stars by Canada Select, and available throughout the season.


All the construction meets the recommendations of the fire Marshall. The three ground floor suites are sound and fire isolated from each other by double studding with ‘Safe and Sound’ insulation woven in-between and firestop drywall on at least one side of each separating wall. The stairwell to the second floor is also isolated by the same type insulation and the second floor is isolated from below with the same insulation and firestop drywall. There are interconnected AC-powered smoke detectors in each bedroom and in the open space of the kitchen/living area. A fire extinguishers is provided in each suite. Each bedroom has an egress window of the required size for PEI (5.1 sq ft). Ground-floor fire egress is direct to the outside via the entrance door or a bedroom window right at ground level. The second floor suite has a portable egress chain stairway that can be deployed out the bedroom window or off the deck, but the stairway is protected from at least an hour of fire.


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