We, Tom and Jill, have lived on Prince Edward Island for about 18 years. We are new to hosting and have had only a little experience so far. The story of Brookside Housekeeping Suites is recounted under the ‘HISTORY’ menu button, but we are looking forward to providing as good an experience as possible to our guests.

We moved here after falling in love with the Island in 1999 and discovering it was possible to buy property even before one became a resident. We found a 1 1/2 story farmhouse (right across the road from Brookside) that is more than 100 years old (based on the construction techniques used). Our story is recounted in much more detail in my book, Prince Edward Island: Seen ‘From Away‘ available from Amazon. We remodeled the house and have added to it in many ways over those 18 years. We have had Forestry plant the small fields that were part of our 50 acres and the trees are now some 15-20’ high. Guests are welcome to hike through our ‘upper woods’ if they like, as well as around the stream just down from Brookside. I am now past 70 years old, but still able to (slowly) progress with the remodeling (which had better be done before this Summer!) and expect to be around Brookside much of the time.

While we are not personally into night life and fancy dining, we have been over to Cavendish a few times and can certainly supply input about things to do and places to see on the southeast part of the Island.

Since I retired from Purdue University and we moved here I have gotten into sailing (I now have a 26′ plywood/epoxy trimaran), photography (I market a line of postcards and magnets with Island scenes), writing (I still sell a technical book in electronics as well as one about coming to PEI and one entitled “Revisiting Scripture’), and publishing (I have done over 20 books mostly for folks in this area).

If you want to contact us, you can telephone us at (902) 962-3335 or use the form below to reach us by email:

Right across the road

We live right across the street from Brookside and are home most of the time. If you are at the suites, face across the street and you can drive or walk up to the house and ring the front doorbell (or phone us  at 902 962-3335) and we are happy to help.

If you are trying to reach us from away you can use the contact form but be aware that we are not always alerted to emails and it may be half a day before we get to new ones and and open them. Better for immediate contact is to use the phone (902 962-3335) which is always answered if we are home and any voice messages are checked immediately when we get home. The cell phone (902 940-6228) would likely reach me (Tom) at any time if I have remembered to carry it with me, turn it on, and turn up the volume…you can tell that new technology is a challenge.